Self-inflicted caesarean section

Ramírez is believed to be the only person known to have performed a successful caesarean section on herself. Her case was written up in the March 2004 issue of the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics.[3]

She is also believed to have been profoundly lucky in several ways: to have put herself in the position she chose, which put her uterus — rather than her intestines — against the abdominal wall under the incision site; to have not succumbed to infection from the large open wound in a non-sterile environment; to have not passed out from the pain part-way through, bled to death, or died from shock. She did say, afterward, that she didn’t advise other women to follow her example.


PowerBook Duo

  • In the early seasons of the popular TV sitcom Friends, Chandler Bing is clearly seen to be using a Macintosh PowerBook Duo.
  • A complete PowerBook Duo system, including Dock, is featured prominently throughout season six of Seinfeld.
  • In the movie Hackers (1995), Kate Libby owns a PowerBook Duo 280c (Infamously remarked to have a “28.8 bps Modem”) and Dade Murphy is sent a clear cased 280c by The Plague(Eugene Belford).