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After [Citation Needed] there must come…The Needening! 

Are you curious whether the color of your unibrow is affected by dying your hair? In search of information about how to improve your Batusi moves? Want to know which beverage Janis Joplin is mediumly associated with? Really? What the hell is wrong with you? 

Well, if you must seek out these answers, there’s only one source worth turning to. No, not your grandfather. He served in World War II. Do not ask him questions about Sonic The Hedgehog’s genitals. We’re talking about Wikipedia

[Citation Needed] 2: The Needening contains over 200 more examples of “so bad it’s good” Wikipedia writing, with original commentary for each entry by authors Conor Lastowka (RiffTrax) & Josh Fruhlinger (The Comics Curmudgeon) plus a foreword by Mike Nelson of RiffTrax and MST3K! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you may even learn something that probably isn’t true.

Available in Paperback and Kindle (Kindle version is just 99 cents, or FREE as part of their online lending library!)

And don’t forget about Volume 1!

Available on Amazon here in a paperback and Kindle edition. The Kindle version is just 99 cents, and if you have Amazon Prime it’s part of the FREE Lending Library!

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what John Hodgman had to say:

"Wikipedia has long been my favored source of dubious scholarship, unverified assertions, press-release hagiography, and confusing recaps of comic books in long run-on sentences. It is not merely that this material is USEFUL to a writer of fake trivia. There is also a strange pleasure that comes in witnessing very bad writing and wondering at the human mind that conceives it, and why that mind is so preoccupied with the drama behind the scenes of House Party 4. I am just glad that I now have the best of the worst, all hilariously annotated by Fruhlinger and Lastowka, and all bound in one non-internet volume such that I can enjoy these bits of grim, awkward human poetry without feeling tempted to get into a huge online fight over the weight of Mr. Belvedere."

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