San Antonio Spurs

After the Spurs lost the 2013 NBA Finals to the Miami Heat in seven games, they are the second North American mens professional sports team in 2013 to have lost their first championship game/series ever after winning four or more championships before without a single championship game/series loss, after the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, who were previously 5-0 in Super Bowls all-time before losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

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Quaker Oats Company

The current logo (on which the Saul Bass logo was apparently modeled) was painted by Haddon Sundblom sometime between 1939 and 1941 using fellow Coca Cola artist Harold W. McCauley as the model. Today, the company states that “The ‘Quaker man’ is not an actual person. His image is that of a man dressed in the Quaker garb, chosen because the Quaker faith projected the values of honesty, integrity, purity and strength.” [22] However, early Quaker Oats advertising, dating back to 1909, did, indeed, identify the man as William Penn, “standard bearer of the Quakers and of Quaker Oats.”[23] The man is now sometimes referred to as “Larry” by insiders at Quaker Oats.


Robert Metcalfe

Outside of his technical achievements, Metcalfe is perhaps best known for his 1995 prediction that the Internet would suffer a “catastrophic collapse” the following year; he promised to eat his words if it did not. During his keynote speech[10] at the sixth International World Wide Web Conference in 1997, he took a printed copy of his column that predicted the collapse, put it in a blender with some liquid and then consumed the pulpy mass.[11][12] This was after he tried to eat his words in the form of a very large cake, but the audience strongly protested.


Tug of War

Between 1976 and 1988 Tug of War was a regular event during the television series Battle of The Networks Stars. Teams of celebrities representing each major network competed in different sporting events culminating into the final event, the Tug of War. Lou Ferrigno’s epic tug-o’-war performance in May 1979 is considered the greatest feat in ‘Battle’ history.