PowerBook Duo

  • In the early seasons of the popular TV sitcom Friends, Chandler Bing is clearly seen to be using a Macintosh PowerBook Duo.
  • A complete PowerBook Duo system, including Dock, is featured prominently throughout season six of Seinfeld.
  • In the movie Hackers (1995), Kate Libby owns a PowerBook Duo 280c (Infamously remarked to have a “28.8 bps Modem”) and Dade Murphy is sent a clear cased 280c by The Plague(Eugene Belford).


Turner & Hooch

During the 2006 Academy Awards, Tom Hanks played in a sketch about acceptance speeches that ran on too long. In his comedic lengthy speech, he thanked Hooch In Tom’s Screen Test for Toy Story. They took a line from this film which was Woody telling a Dog (Not Seen) not to eat Eben’s Car from Tin Toy and instead of doing what Turner did he dropped down to his knees and was pounding the ground saying Oh You Stupid Dog.


Court show

A real-life Nevada District Court judge for more than eight years and a professional boxing referee with more than 100 championship fights under his belt, Mills Lane was supremely cut out for his TV role when the series premiered in August 1998. The court show was taped at WPIX-TV in New York. The court show was in many respects a typical example of its genre, with Lane presiding over small-claims cases for which a $3000 jurisdictional limit had been imposed. What set Judge Mills Lane apart from the rest of the courtroom shows, however, was Mills Lane himself: Although he claimed not be as “strict” as rival TV jurist Judith Sheindlin, he was nonetheless as tough and sassy as they come, sometimes even fierce and frightening presence. This was especially to home viewers, particularly at points when the camera would zoom in on the Maximum Mills mug as Lane chewed out litigants. He started out each case with his famous locution: “Let’s get it on.” Reportedly, whenever Lane began shaking his gavel at a plaintiff or defendant, you could be sure all “hell" was going to break loose. On more than one occasion, the bailiff would be forced to clear the courtroom in the roughneck manner of a nightclub bouncer. Lane would sometimes let loose with so rapid verbal barrage that no one knew what he was talking about but they knew he was mad. Ratings for Judge Mills Lane were never anything to brag about however.


The Best of Me (novel)

Another question asked by CBS news reporter Jeff Glor was “What else are you reading right now?”. He replied, I’m reading “Einstein his life and universe” by Walter Isaacson. Nonetheless there was another question by Glor. He asked “what inspired you to write the book?” And when Nicholas Sparks replied he said,” when people really begin to second-guess the choices they’d made in the past.” Now when I read the book I can tell how he used this because Amanda is faced with choosing over her husband,Frank or her long lost love,Dawson. And for Amanda she struggles choosing this but in the end her mother brainwashes her into staying married to a drunk


Pete Luckett

Luckett currently (December 2011) stars as a cab driver at the end of a TV ad for the NSLC encouraging Nova Scotians not to drink and drive by saying “If you’ve had a few, your car has too”. The ad shows cars parked outside a party as drunk saying such phrases as “I love you man” and other drunken ramblings.

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