Mermaid biology

Occasionally in literature the difficulty of having sexual intercourse with amermaid is discussed. Although mermaids are commonly depicted as beautiful, variably nude, and enticing, a man attempting to have sex with one would be thwarted by the typical portrayal of the creature: a fish from the waist down, with no vagina.

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Sneezing cannot occur during sleep due to REM atonia - a bodily state wherein motor neurons are not stimulated and reflex signals are not relayed to the brain. Sufficient external stimulants, however, may cause a person to wake from their sleep for the purpose of sneezing, although any sneezing occurring afterwards would take place with a partially awake status at minimum.


Sexy and I Know It

One of the more memorable scenes is that of Redfoo, Q, the Shuffle Bot, and members of Quest Crew having a “wiggle off” with the “@SkysNuts” group. After the wiggle off, it shows Redfoo taking off his speedo with another one under it and Sky Blu getting a baseball bat and trying to hit Redfoo with it. After that, a variety of people from throughout the video are seen walking down a table surrounded by a crowd doing various things, along with people taking off their pants, dancing, and a man shaking his abdomen. The music video on YouTube was flagged for sexual content.

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Alqush, like so many other Iraqi cities which depended on its own economy and resources, had a high percentage of illiteracy, but that does not prevent having a long standing educational movement represented by Mar Mikha Al Nuhedri School at the beginning of the fifth century. The efforts of priests and deacons who stressed teaching the Aramaic language and its literature and many of them left their writings. Their names glow like the comforting light of the moon.