Cultural depictions of Elvis Presley

Actors who have played Elvis Presley

The table below EXCLUDES:

  1. Actors playing a role in a film where the script calls for them to act in a non-Elvis, or science fiction role, but nevertheless purposely imitating Elvis’ style of singing, Elvis himself, or to appear dressed as Elvis did, both in a performance scene, or off stage, e.g., “Memphis Rising, Elvis returns” ( actors Joe Thomas, Westley Thronton and Weston maguire), “Tales from the Catholic Church of Elvis” (Brad Pihlak), “Bye-Bye Birdie” (actors Jesse Pearson and Marc Kudisch, starring in the two filmed versions of the early sixties’ famed Broadway play), “Operation Belvis Bash" (Alexander Loy), "Top Secret" (Val Kilmer -see also his separate entry in table below-), "Wild at Heart" ( Nicolas Cage -see also paragraph B, below- or as in various episodes of TV sitcoms like "Cheers" & "Full House" (John Stamos)
  2. Actors in movies where the plot calls for them to specifically wear Elvis-impersonator apparel, or disguise themselves as an Elvis impersonator, e.g., as in Honeymoon in Vegas (Nicolas Cage) and 3000 Miles to Graceland (Kevin Costner, Christian Slater, David Arquette, Bokeem Woodbine, Shawn Michael Howard and Kurt Russell -see also separate entry for Russell, in table below-)
  3. Actors playing the character of a real, or fictionalized entertainer other than Elvis Presley who impersonate him as part of a stage act within the movie’s plot itself, e.g., as in the movie biographies “Wired” and “Man on the Moon”, where the characters of comedians John Belushi ( played by Michael Chiklis), and Andy Kaufman (played by Jim Carrey) are seen impersonating Elvis Presley, or in “Let’s make love”, (Jackie L. Cochran)
  4. Actors playing characters based on specific, actual periods in the life, and/or music of Elvis Presley, e.g., in motion pictures such as “Living Legend” (Earl Owensby), or on Broadway, or London-based musical plays, such as “Jailhouse Rock” (Mario Kombou), and “All Shook up” (Cheyenne Jackson), respectively.
  5. Actors, extras and/or Elvis impersonators, either male and female, whose specific role in a film is that of an Elvis impersonator, e.g.,My Fellow AmericansEddie PresleyThe ClientIndependence Day3000 Miles to GracelandHoneymoon in VegasSomething in the AirGeorge of the Jungle 2Wedding Bell BluesBachelor Party Vegas, and in many other films, and TV sitcoms.
  6. Joe Sagal also played Elvis Presley on a TV show for Sci-Fi channel, entitled, The Chronicle. The episode was called “The King is Undead”. Though his character was called Jesse Garon (Presley’s deceased twin brother’s name), the character depicted is essentially a personafication of Elvis. Joe Sagal also played Elvis Presley in the original Steppenwolf production of Steve Martin’sPicasso at the Lapin Agile, at the Geffen Playhouse, in 1994-1995.
  7. Patrick Weathers as Elvis Presley in “Rock-N-Roll, The First 5000 Years” (1982) from St. James Theatre, Broadway, NY; in “Elvis, An American Musical” from The Las Vegas International Hilton Hotel; and in Sandra Bullock’s “Velvet Elvis” (1993) from Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA.


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