Raves are what a technoshaman would organize to entertain his tribe of people who currently have too many boundaries for more novel functions. Most musicians at the events do not appear to be technoshamans but some of the organizers often are, often wayyy behind the scenes.[verification needed]Β The BPM of the music tends to match the heart rate of a dancing person. This seems to facilitate an easier flow of emotions, greater appreciation of the moment (hedonism) and ultimately is a great way to shift the brainwaves. Where as a technoshaman alters his own mind states at will, an artist on the stage uses lighting and music to influence the audience’s state. Impressionist art sets up a further understanding of the music at raves. What Pollock and others have shown is that art has many indescribeable feelings which are produced in everyone who looks at it despite the content. SOme times the idea behind the painting clashes with the natural feel of it - this means the artist was blind to emotion. What the rave music tends to be is sounds which evoke emotion much like impressionist paintings. It is truly a wonderful concept - the rave.[verification needed]


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