Dairy Queen

In 2011, Grey New York produced outlandish spots featuring a dapper man, played by John Behlmann, sporting a moustache, performing crazy feats for Dairy Queen. After announcing tasty menu offers, he would do something outrageous, like blow bubbles with kittens in them, water ski while boxing, and break a piñata where Olympic gymnastics great Mary Lou Retton tumbles out. Currently, the same firm is making new commercials, even more outlandish than before. They start with odd situation titles, which have the DQ logo placed somewhere in them, like Gary DQlones HimselfNow That’s A Lunchtime DQuandary! and After The DQonquest. All of them are narrated by a man who is British, or by an American who sounds that way.

Link (Thanks, Sillstaw)

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