Cabela’s African Safari

You play as a big game hunter who is on a safari in Africa. You Start out in South Africa, where you go on a wing-shooting hunt for turtle doves. then, you hunt impala and take a trophy Kudu. Then you hunt for Springbok and Duiker, and fighting African Wild Dogs. Then, you hunt Black Wildebeests and Blue Wildebeests. in a jeep and then hunt warthogs. and tale a trophy Dik-Dik. The Level ends when you hunt a trophy Rhinoceros. Then, you proceed to Namibia where you hunt for Zebras, Steenbucks, Roan Antelopes, and Klipspringers. Then, you go on another wing-shooting hunt, for Egyptian geese and hunt a trophy Gemsbok. Then, you hunt a herd of hartebeests in a jeep, and hunt three kudu. The Level ends when you hunt a trophy Leopard. Then, you go to Botswana, where first, you hunt lechwe, zebra, and ostrich. then, you go on a wing shooting hunt for Spur-winged Geese and hunt a trophy bushbuck. Then you bait leopards and hunt Buffalo in a jeep. The level ends when you hunt a trophy Elephant. Then you proceed to Zimbabwe, where you hunt waterbucks, Grey rhebok, Sable antelope, baboons, and two more baited leopards. Then, you hunt Springbok in a vehicle and hunt a trophy Eland and Red-billed Teals. The Next Level ends when you hunt three trophy buffalo. Then, you proceed to Mozambique for the next level. First, you track and hunt a trophy Nyala, Bontebok, and hunt two cheetahs. Then you bait in and fight hyenas. Then you hunt reedbuck and Red Forest Duiker. And then, you hunt zebras in a jeep. and go on a wingshooting hunt for yellow-billed ducks. the level ends when you hunt two trophy lions. (Xbox 360 and PSP) The Last Level ends in Tanzania to Hunt Lions, of bait Elands in a jeep, Cape Buffalo in a jeep where you hunt for Rhinoceros, Tracking for Nyalas, and go on a last wingshooting hunt for Rock Pigeons and two trophy 1 Hippopotamus, and 1 Crocodile are hunting Elands. After you hunt the Hippo and Crocodile. your guide says “and so, you have conqured the feared big five. Many have journeyed to Africa in hope of returning with Africa’s most feared and exotic trophies, but you are among the few who have succeeded. Congratulations, and take pride. Africa shall remember you as a hunter who has passed her ultimate test!”. The game ends.

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