[Citation Needed] Podcast

The [Citation Needed] Podcast! Your favorite tumblr assemblage of crappy wikipedia writing is now a podcast! Enjoy comedy, skits and interviews, all based on wikipedia entries we’ve published on the blog.

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Episode 1 - Tammy and the T. Rex, Bombay Cat, Yossarian, Cheesehead, Goom

Episode 2 - Punch and Judy, Pete (Disney Character), Grizzly Falls, Ray Charles, Bubble O’ Bill

Episode 3 - Fort Smith Arkansas, Lidsville, Faker (Character), Islamic Toilet Etiquette, The Wizard of Id

Episode 4 - Chicken Coop, Thunderpants, Owner of a Lonely Heart

Episode 5 - Powers & Abilities of Godzilla, Da Vinci’s Notebook, The Dragon Lives Again, Dog Fancy (Magazine)

Episode 6 - Vampire pumpkins and watermelons, Here Come The Blobbies, Tortellini, Slipper

Episode 7 - List of Trees, Chase (film), Paraphilic infantilism, Yogi’s Ark Lark

Episode 8 - Number the Stars, Hooked Bear, Pack Burro Racing

Episode 9 - Gunny sack, Werewolf, My Balls, Goal setting

Artwork by Kyle Latino (See Episode Four)